5 Bargain Shopping Tips That’ll Save You Hundreds

Bargain Shopping

Let’s get real about it — the COVID-19 pandemic has not only devastated the health and safety of the entire world, but it has also had an immense financial toll on individual countries. Whether or not you’ve been personally financially affected by the pandemic, you’re most likely not unshaken by its effects.

A June article from Market Watch noted how attitudes towards money have changed since the pandemic. Specifically, they note how some having to take pay cuts, be laid off, or watch people lining up at food banks has scared many of us to start reevaluating our finances.

In fact, the article notes how evidence suggests that more people are saving more money (for now, at least). Check out these five bargain shopping tips that’ll save you hundreds:

1. Compare electricity prices with Moneygains.

By comparing electricity prices in Northern Ireland through Moneygains you can find the best seller for your energy needs. Moneygains is a free service that will get you real money gains on your electricity bills. By easily and accurately comparing tariffs and suppliers in Northern Ireland for you, you gain real money gains in the way of cash value on each month’s energy bill. Keep in mind that suppliers may charge new enrollees a small fee for using this service. However, Moneygains assures that this doesn’t change the results they show you for your energy bill price adjustment. Don't spend more than you have to on the necessities— do your research and find data rates from companies like Moneygains first!

2. Buy petite jeans online.

According to a Business Insider article from 2016, unlike the body-positive “battle cry” for the plus-sized community, there isn’t really any support for petite women despite the article noting that roughly 70 million women living in the U.S. are under 5’4." The author’s number one solution? Skip the outlets, shop online. By buying petite jeans online you can find everything from petite skinny jeans to petite bootcut jeans specifically designed with the petite woman in mind. Whether you’re looking for fresh denim looks or you’re looking for women's petite jeans for specific fall looks; the White House Black Market has got you covered when it comes to petite jeans.

From petite leggings to skinny jeans to bootcut jeans; you’re sure to find cuts that fit your petite thigh and waist stylishly and comfortably. White House Black Market also carries a wide selection of dresses, jackets, skirts, jumpsuits, and tees in select styles for petite women. Plus, with free shipping and free returns on petite orders and great sales (for a limited time); you can’t beat these deals on great petite merchandise! Check out White House Black Market’s new arrivals or purchase gift cards for later.

3. Always use coupons online.

Earlier this year, the Honey app officially joined the PayPal family, and it has become the easiest way to save money when shopping online. Honey is a completely free plugin that installs onto your internet browser (it’s compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera). Once it’s installed, a Honey button will be added to your top navigation on your browser. Then, it’s as easy as clicking on the button once you’re satisfied with your online shopping bag. Honey finds all the coupons available online and applies the total purchase discounts to your shopping bag. According to Honey's website, members save an average of $126 every year just by doing this easy task.

4. Lightly stalk your most shopped at stores.

Another super simple way to save money is to make a list of the top places you shop (think everything from clothing to groceries to restaurants) and follow their social media presence. This way, you’ll be one of the first to know about promotions, coupons, and potential discounts.

Then, check out the places on your list’s websites and make a new account on each one. Many “shopping hackers” note how a lot of times if you’re browsing and leave items in your “shopping bag”, the company will see your account and send you coupons, offer you free standard shipping, or offer you some form of a price adjustment to make the sale (cha ching!).

5. Always compare prices.

Remember when you had to physically shop around at outlets trying to find the best sellers for the merchandise you wanted? Thank goodness those days are over, right? Nowadays you can compare prices in the comfort of your home online. Plan and research which merchants offer the best price and consider using services such as PayPal so that you can keep track of how much you’re spending on certain items.

Bonus tip: do research on whether buying gift cards at discount prices could further save you money at businesses you frequent.

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