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This is a plea from all students, more than a simple question. Many students work part-time, while attending classes, to help pay for school. Studies show that number is over 70%. From your question, we feel you're one of the luckier ones, just trying to earn some extra campus cash. If you make the right choice, your extracurricular efforts should not compete with your school work.

If you're in front of your computer, you can start making money now. This will involve working online or finding a project on a jobs board. Students say they earn from $10 to $25 per hour, working this way. First ask yourself, what are you good at? Can your talent be monetized?

If your classmates always ask for your notes, try selling them at the end of the semester. If you're an education major, earn money tutoring locally. Writers are in great demand notes bloggers at Classic Cosmetics, a cosmetics manufacturer. Social media sites don't hire students just to type. Companies need help to communicate with their young buyers. Organizations are receptive to hiring students, since they typically pay them less than full-time staff.

On the non-academic side, use the abilities you have. Do friends ask for help with their hair or nails? Get paid for it. There's an online marketplace for your services, confirms campus makeup artists. Reach out to sororities to learn about their planned events. Literally, one sorority sister can be a billboard for you, leading to a sustainable 4-year business.

If you cannot conjure a marketable skill, your hard work is always valuable. One of the best student job sites we found was StudentFreeLance. Here you can schedule work for everything from pool cleaner to event waitstaff. This gives you the flex time to either study or work.

Enjoy the extra money you earn. You don't have to repay your student loans until after you graduate.  (Sam Shepard is a marketing specialist with digital marketing agency Digital Next)

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