Top Tech You’ll Want to Take Camping


Camping can be a rather rugged experience, bringing you closer to nature and your natural element as a human without the luxuries of modern society. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to ditch all of your tech when you go camping. With modernization, human beings can go camping and use the latest in technology to make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Instead of worrying about how you’ll get food or pitch your tent, you can have technology aid you while you spend more time enjoying nature.

With these new advancements in technology, there’s plenty of ways you can ensure your retreat into the wild goes off without a hitch. Here are a few examples of the top tech you’ll want to take camping with you.

An electric fillet knife

When you’re out in the wilderness, one thing that might be difficult to find is food. Whether you plan to bring your own food or catch it in the woods, having an electric fillet knife will make sure that you’re able to slice and dice your fish or other food items easily.

Not to mention, an electric fillet knife may come in handy in situations that don’t involve eating or nourishment. If you plan to hang some snacks and food in a bag up in a tree, commonly called a bear bag, then having one of these knives handy to cut down the bag when packing up to go home would be helpful. A device that can help cut rope or even defend yourself in the woods is always handy — on top of the meal related aspects of it, that is.

Water filtration devices

Like a handy knife, having water filtering device could be life saving for any avid nature goer. Depending on whether you plan to bring your own water in reusable bottles or drink straight from a creek, having a water filtration device will make sure that whatever water you consume is clear of any toxins.

However, when camping, it’s not always easy to bring along an entire reverse osmosis machine. Instead, bringing along something smaller and portable will help you to pack light and still be prepared for any situation. The lifestraw is a great example of a small water filtration device that you can easily pack in your nap sack.

A smart watch

If you enjoy camping for the health-related factors of it, keeping track of your health and internal functions with a smart watch is a must-have item for your next nature outing. Not only can you count your steps when you go out hiking, but you can also use maps to detect the length of your overall hike, keep track of your heart rate, and better understand how altitude affects your blood pressure. Investing in a smart watch is great for any health-driven nature lover or camper who just wants the security of trustworthy maps and technology.

Solar charge tent fans

Depending on the time of year you like to go camping, the wilderness can get pretty hot. In the summer, though, the flora and fauna is often in full bloom, and the heat, humidity, and bugs come out in full force. Not to mention, the sun can beat down on you through the trees, burning your skin and boiling your internal body temperature.

Use the sun’s powers against itself by investing in solar-powered tent fans. By placing out a solar panel, you can charge up your fan while you hike and fish during the day. When you return to your tent in the evening, you’ll have fresh, blowing air waiting for you.

If you ultimately decide that you prefer to camp in cooler months, electronics recycling is a great way to ensure that you’re not wasting or throwing out easily reusable or reducible products. Consider recycling unused electronics like this or others so you can help preserve these beautiful natural spaces.

A pocket lighter

One of the handiest things you can have on you as an avid camper if a pocket lighter. Whether you want a little extra light at night, want to light a lamp or campfire, or want a quick snack before bed, having a portable lighter will come in handy in the wilderness. From cooking to providing a source of light in the dark, a pocket lighter is a must-have item for your next camping trip.

Camping is a fun activity enjoyed by people of all ages. To ensure your next camping trip is a big success, pack these essential items and make your stay in the outdoors that more enjoyable.

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