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Should I consider another major than computer science for a job online? Some of the top entrepreneurs graduated in other fields.

Working for a high-paying internet company in a relaxed environment among friends is the end game for many graduates today. Who wouldn’t want a job like this? The issue lies in the skill set for this type of work; it's not as clear cut as other industries such as engineering or accounting. This begs the question of what to study for a career online if you do not want to take computer science.

Computer skills will obviously be essential for any occupation using them, but you can add to those core abilities with some coding, social media, and brand marketing. Creativity is also a key element in the success of any online product. The majority of students entering careers in computers or technology do so from a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) background. Traditional ‘ologys’ are preferred over arts degrees. The challenges faced working online in today’s high-paced and ever-changing environment are greater than those at college. In addition to computer skills, you will need to arrive at innovative solutions and solve problems creatively.  Experts in online legal marketing recommend students develop their creative abilities alongside their technical ones.

The world of online marketing has evolved way beyond just showing flashing ads on a screen. Today, creative solutions are required to captivate and engage readers. Recruiters are seeking students who can think outside of the box and bring unconventional solutions to problem solving. Many do not even have a requirement for a computer science degree or even a STEM subject.

The types of roles and positions have also changed, and programmers and web designers are not the only jobs available. There is a huge demand for search engine optimization, since every company needs surpass their competition when it comes to online searches. You will need to use journalism skills rather than computer science to be proficient at this job. Sociology and psychology play a part in pay-per-click marketing, and you will need to know how and why users behave the way they do when reading a website.

Social media manager is another top online position that requires a creative approach. Your choice of major no longer dictates your choice of career, and this is especially true for online organizations. Skills learned at college are more important than the specifics of the subject matter. Employers want to see the ability to work with a team in a dynamic environment and the motivation to bring innovative solutions to the table.

Being passionate about your chosen field is an advantage. If your passion is computer science, then go for it. However, having a major in arts or something creative does not necessarily prevent you from working with technology. It can often be an advantage. Online companies need to be pioneering and creative in order to succeed; you should adopt the same attitude at college. Adapt to new situations and be creative with your approach to problems. It's not all about the “ology.”

The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation - Bob Iger.

(Martin J. Young is a former correspondent of Asia Times).

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