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I'm not a full-time student so have time to look for a part-time job. What are the best, flexible jobs for students?

The majority of students need to work to supplement their living expenses at college, so your question is relevant for almost everyone. With tuition fees and the cost-of-living rising, a part-time job has become an essential part of college life. Statistics show that over 70% of students have worked while attending college and almost half of these jobs were on campus. Student debt is also mounting with over 70% of graduates needing to repay loans. A part-time job will ease a little of this burden, so here are a few of the more popular ones for students.

The place of work is a big consideration, because it needs to be near campus. Of course, if you have your own car, it will widen your options. Classes and study schedules have priority, so your part-time job will have to work around them, usually in the evenings or weekends. Most students just accept work at whatever they can get for money. However, for a much more valuable experience, focus on a something close to your field of study or interests.

Around campus there will be a lot of local businesses, most needing some part-time staff during the year. All of them will have a history of hiring students and a reputation you can investigate, before you apply. For example, if you're into cycling, apply for a job in a bike shop. Employers will look more favorably on applicants with an interest and skills in the position.

Social media management is a hot new profession that involves helping small business increase their social media awareness and exposure. Online marketing has gone way beyond just having a website these days. The advantage of these positions is that you can work remotely and stay on campus. Some students are able to parlay a part-time job into future, full-time employment. Hiring students allows a trial-run, where you discover which ones are going to excel. "Those are the ones we pursue after they graduate", explains a PromoCodeWatch webmaster.

There are a number of online resources that offer economy sharing, part-time jobs. These could include pet care and dog walkers, car sharing and driving, movers, gardeners, house cleaners, and general errand running. You can control the type of jobs you accept and set a flexible schedule.

The food service industry always has a long list of available part-time positions and a lot of students end up working for local restaurants and bars. Jobs can be varied and include bartender, waiter/waitress, barista, ice cream/smoothie maker, cashier or catering staff.

Working part-time will help you manage your time and become disciplined. You gain essential work experience and team values that college does not provide. At your job, you can network meeting new people that may provide references for the future. When applying for full-time work, they will be looking for references from past employers, not teachers.

Writing is self-employment, so you can make your own schedule - Lois Lowry.

(John Regan is a former Director of Sales for equity research).

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