Why Software Companies Encourage Students to Download Free Licenses


If you're a college student, there are a lot of educational discounts and deals that you can take advantage of while you're enrolled in school. For example, interlibrary loans between major academic institutions offer you the opportunity to check out and read or view pretty much any published content that you can't find online. You may also qualify for student discounts on computers and computer peripherals from major manufacturers like Apple or Dell, too.

One area that can be incredibly beneficial to pursue discounts is software. From platforms like the Adobe Creative Suite platform (which includes such industry-leading programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe InDesign) to 3D modeling software and data visualization or predictive analytics tools, there are hundreds of software solutions that you can get for free or for a steep discount if you're currently enrolled in an academic program. Read on to learn more about why these deals are so important if you're in an undergraduate or graduate degree program—as well as which tools make the most sense to learn about if you're studying computer science.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Student Software Deals


While you might think that college is a great place to make new friends, date, and go to parties (and you wouldn't be completely wrong), college is also a great place to really dedicate time to yourself and your development as a citizen of the world and a future member of society. As such, job preparation is one key component of any college education. While your degree program may allow you to learn a lot of theoretical knowledge, much of the practical knowledge you can gain as a student comes from doing and not thinking. Especially when you consider that many schools offer access to tutorials on websites like Lynda.com, the opportunity cost of not taking advantage of student software deals could be major, depending on your field.

If you're going to be applying for a job post-graduation, you'll likely be tasked with reading through a long list of minimum requirements for the positions you're looking at, as well as other requirements that are recommended or preferred. Many times, these sorts of details aren't about your work ethic but are instead about your knowledge of particular industry tools and software solutions. Many times, these software solutions cost thousands of dollars if you're not in school, so getting to learn these programs risk-free for free is a huge leg up when you go to enter the job market.

The Best Tools for Computer Science and Data Science Students

Of course, different students will want to pursue and take advantage of different deals when it comes to the software they're learning. For example, if you're not going into a creative field or marketing, even though it's nice to know how to use Photoshop or InDesign, it's not crucial to your success. If you're a mathematics or computer science student, one of the best areas to brush up on is data science software. Data is being leveraged in all sorts of ways in 2020 and beyond, so understanding the latest business intelligence tools is crucial to finding a job.

With a free TIBCO Spotfire license for students, it's never been easier to gain the kind of first-hand knowledge you need to succeed in the "real world." TIBCO is a leading provider of data analytics tools and platforms, meaning that you'll be training on the same software that hundreds of enterprises and mid-sized businesses use to handle a variety of business operations each and every day. TIBCO's Academic Alliance lets you get both a TIBCO Cloud account as well as a Spotfire Analyst license which are both good for a year, meaning that rising juniors can especially benefit from TIBCO's academic discounts.

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