Rewarding Jobs That Help Others in Different Ways


It's anyone's dream to have a job that does some good in the world, but there are only so many charitable organizations and positive NGO's to go around. What if there were other jobs out there that are as rewarding for you as they are for those around you? Here are some fresh ideas for how to find a job that helps those around you in different ways than you might initially think.

Save the World With Texts

Do you have a cause or campaign that is close to your heart and you wish more people could know about it? Political peer to peer texting could be the way forward for you. P2P, or peer to peer texting, is a form of SMS communication that allows you to send texts to large groups of people easily and quickly. You can be as chatty and personal as you would in regular messages, but reach a much wider network of people.

The Bernie Sanders and Trump campaign teams both used them often to send out political texts to further their campaigns and speak to as many potential voters as possible in a conversational way. It's not just presidential campaigns that can use them, though; P2P text messages can be used throughout the election cycle by campaign workers as an effective way to reach people at a higher rate.

So long as you have the phone numbers of people within a target group, you can reach and talk with people in a much more personal way than social media. This also means their response rate is vastly improved, making sure that whatever your chosen campaign, you get the results you want.

Be a Professional Listener

If you have a good ear for listening to people's problems and a genuine desire to help them, then becoming a counselor or therapist of some kind could be a good choice. Depending on what field you want to go into, you might not need a huge amount of education or you can get training as you work.

For example, there is a range of sponsored programs for social work that are open to people from any background. Think about who you want to spend your time helping, whether it's people suffering from substance abuse or displaced children, and research to find out where people are best placed to do the most amount of good for them.

Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Even if you haven't heard the term before, you're likely to have been exposed to affiliate marketing before. Affiliate programs are where a person puts out a link into their network, normally on social media, and they receive money for everyone who buys the product or service through that referral link.

You could employ the same tactics but to help other people just as much as yourself. Working for a health affiliate network means that you can sell health and fitness related products to others to help them improve their personal care and fitness. At the same time, as an affiliate, you earn a commission for everyone who buys via your referral. What's not to love about becoming an affiliate?

Any one of these roles can be as helpful to those on the other end of your new role as it is helpful for you. The most fulfilling roles are the ones that put you in the right place to assist others as well as earn money for your own life. Having a positive message and feeling after a hard day's work makes even the worst day worth it, so why not go for a job which puts as much good out into the world as you'd love to receive back?

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