Make Your Grandmother Feel Extra Special


There's an old Italian proverb that reads: "If nothing is going well, call your grandmother." She deserves your honor, especially and uniquely, whether she’s a seasoned granny with many caring and loving years or a first-time grandma. Our busy lives normally get in the way of showing special people how much we love them in our lives.

The friendliness and warmth a grandmother gives out is incomparable. Do you recall when your grandmamma made you a delectable meal, offered financial assistance during your broken college days, or saved you from your mom's anger? Or when she was directly there when you were downhearted? Such moments are irreplaceable. Here are ways to make your grannie feel extra special.

If you're not able to visit her, consider writing a letter.

Writing your grandma an "old-fashioned" letter can be among the best way of showing your love to her. It will surely make her day, primarily if you compose as if she’s present, and you have a tête-à-tête with her. Enquire about her life—pets, neighbors, her hobbies, and siblings. Most significantly, be real. If you have to tell granny that you love her, let her feel it in your writing. One way of expressing love to the elderly is to show concern or care. Ask if she might need some help with everyday things like fixing a light, doing her taxes, or clearing her garden.

Cook her favorite meal.

Whether it’s dinner, lunch, breakfast, or just dessert, take some time to prepare grandma her favorite dish. She will like it more if you enjoy the meal with her. Get all the grandchildren in on the action—table setting, serving her food and drinks, and keeping her company throughout the meal. During the meal, ensure tablets and smartphones are out of sight and accompany the meal with good conversation and laughter.

Help get her finances together.

Have you noticed that as your grandmother gets older unopened mails and bills keep on piling? It can be tough to watch as your beloved grandma—the woman who toiled long hours to keep everything organized—becomes unable to get her finances together. She'll feel special if you can offer assistance in areas such as:

  • Paying her bills on time
  • Protecting her assets—especially when mental illness or even aging itself has made her unable to manage her accounts, real estate, business, or life insurance policy
  • Organizing her insurance information—help her get together the correct paperwork for procedures such as life, health, long-term care, etc.

If your grandmother is struggling with a chronic, life-threatening illness, and in financial difficulties, you can educate them on options like viatical settlements. Organizations, such as the American Life Fund, can buy their existing life insurance policy at a discounted rate. The American Life Fund also provides information and resources to those struggling with cancer and chronic illness by region and demographic. Whatever place in life your grandmother is in, she should be able to find advice and accommodations to meet her needs.

Buy her something special.

Shopping for grandmothers can be a daunting task—they seem to have all they need and don’t demand much in return for your affection. However, surprising your granny with an awe-inspiring present can bring smiles to her face. For a grandma who loves jewelry, a gorgeous natural diamond can be an excellent option. Granny probably owns plenty of diamonds, but she might not have an offering from Agape Diamonds. You can get helpful, candid Agape Diamond reviews for almost any kind of jewelry they sell. You might need to keep them in mind when your moment of seeking an engagement ring will come.

Send her a bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet of fresh flowers comes close when finding a flower gift that demonstrates how much granny means to you. Everybody seems to love flowers, according to a study by Rutgers University, published in Sage Journals. If you want to steal her heart and attention—pick a mixture of bursting sunflowers, multi-colored tulips, classic roses, and other stunning varieties.

You might have learned that nanas don’t need more "stuff." They might love but not thrilled by fresh home decorations or new cloths. Flowers are appealing for a short period, and then she can discard them. Particularly in midwinter, flowers can brighten her day quickly, bring a feeling of the outside, and warm her heart on a cold day.

Most importantly, listen to your grandma and be patient with them. Although you can’t repay the amount of love and care granny showered upon you, you can use the tips mentioned above to serve as a reminder that you still honor and respect them.

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