How to Legally Launch a Successful CBD Business in 2020

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The cannabis market is booming. The growth for CBD has been tremendous and is predicted to grow to 20 billion dollars by 2024. There are a lot of brick and mortar businesses as well as online CBD stores popping up all over America. Want to get into the action? There are a few things you need to know before you can successfully open a legal CBD business in America.

Know Federal CBD Laws

The federal government recognizes hemp-extracted CBD as legal. This includes products made from industrial hemp. The active ingredient THC however, is regulated and must be either 0.3% or less in CBD products for it to be considered legal. If this threshold is surpassed, the product is considered illegal to sell on a federal level.

Know State CBD Laws

Marijuana is not legal in every state. You must abide by both federal and state laws for your business to be considered legal. Check with the laws of your state to see if marijuana is legal. If you're in a state where medical marijuana is illegal, ensure your CBD products are derived from hemp.

Build Your Business

The first step in making your business legal is to get your business license. Once you've got your license you need to get a corporation and EIN/TIN number. This is the number you will use to pay taxes at the end of your fiscal year.

Choose a supplier. If you're interested in farming your own CBD you must become aware of the farming cultivation process and standards. There are industry standards that you must abide by for your raw materials, be sure to do your research. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is required for your products and it is recommended that third-party testing be performed before your product is deemed usable.

Choose your products. Choosing your products may seem like it is a simple task but you have to be sure that you're complying with both State and Federal regulations, especially when it comes to THC content. There are a lot of CBD products on the market including CBD flower joints, hemp cigarettes CBD oils, and creams.

Move to your pricing scheme. Once you've got a reasonably priced product you need to work on packaging. Your packaging must include CBD dosage and your company terms. Check with state laws to see if any other information should be included in your packaging.

Find a Lender

Whether you are planning to open a brick and mortar store or just have an online business it is important to note that businesses are expensive and you can look into cannabis loans. Cannabis loans are tailored specifically to the struggles of the cannabis industry. Cultivating or buying products from a supplier, packaging, and marketing can get expensive. It is important that you have fallback money to obtain more product or build your brand.

Starting your own small business is time-consuming and expensive. Try getting a small business loan from a reputable lender so that you don't find yourself in a financial bind. Then once you are sure of the laws and regulations on both the federal and state levels come up with your business plan. Ensure that all of your products come from a reliable source and have a COA to prove its validity. There are a lot of products that you can choose from to sell, do your research and see what types of products are selling out and choose which ones you'd like to sell. Come up with a marketing plan that includes social media. Keep your products and business trending and you'll be selling out in no time!

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