4 Beauty Trends We’re Looking Forward to in 2021

Beauty Trends

As this year comes to a close, all eyes are set towards 2021. With any new year, different trends take the beauty industry by storm. Though this year has been challenging in many ways, there are still new beauty trends to look forward to in 2021. It's reported that the United States has one of the biggest beauty and cosmetic industries in the world, which makes U.S. beauty innovations especially exciting. There's something for everyone in this year's beauty trends, ranging from skincare (sun protection, dry skin care, cleansing pores, and more) to the latest hairstyles. Keep reading for beauty inspiration and to stay on top of these four beauty-inspired trends for next year.

1. Natural Face

2020 was all about staying inside. For many typical beauty gurus, this meant not wearing your typical makeup routine. After all, getting ready isn't at the top of your agenda when you're at home watching Netflix. With this shift of attention to your natural skin, many honed in on the quality of their skin. Instead of applying on layer after layer of makeup, your bare face had its time to shine. Expect more of this bare-faced style of makeup for 2021. This means less focus on harsh highlight and contouring. As a tip, try swapping out your heavy, full coverage for something lighter that lets your skin breathe like a CC cream or a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and vitamins for sun protection.

2. Clean Ingredients

A big trend for 2021 is clean beauty. It's become apparent over the years that some beauty products simply contain better and safer ingredients than others. Many companies want to ditch the chemicals and preservatives. Instead, consumers want more natural ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. This trend applies to both your makeup and your skincare line.

There will be a lot of attention on skincare products like facial serums, moisturizers, facial oils, topical creams, and face masks. Basically, 2021 will be about nourishing your skin including your face and body, so its true beauty shines. When it comes to the beauty market, there are tons of options for topical creams. Opt for high-quality, clean products that will better nourish your skin like Nicole Kidman Skincare. Kidman's partnership with SeraTopicals is all about promoting the best skincare for customers so that everyone can feel as beautiful as she did when walking the virtual red carpet for the Emmy's when Big Little Lies won big in 2020. These limited series of products will range from topical CBD creams, anti-aging creams, and ultra-hydrating creams and serums. To put it simply, keep this line in mind to get the best skin for 2021.

3. High-Quality Accessories

Another shift will occur in accessory style this year. People are ditching a few things like large diamonds and stud earrings. Instead, 2021 will bring a shift towards large hoops earrings. When it comes to rings, opt for rustic handmade jewelry that is custom and one-of-a-kind, instead of factory-made jeweler rings that all look the same. Choose accessories that feel unique and special to you. For necklaces, next year will inspire chunky-linked gold and mixed metal rustic jewelry. Another statement piece that is coming in full-force for this year is pearls and gemstones. When it comes to pearls, we're not just talking about a basic pearl necklace, but rather long pearl-accented earrings. For gemstones, try out a beautiful high-quality gemstone ring or a raw cut for something truly special.

4. Minimal Hair Color

 Last but not least is hair color. If you learned anything this year, it's that hair up-keep is a pain to maintain. When you couldn't go to the salon for a few months, you were left with a full head of half-grown out highlights. 2021 is calling for something different and more manageable. This trend for next year is called money-piece highlights. These particular kinds of these highlights are like face-framing highlights. However, they're generally a bit thicker. These highlighted pieces then frame the front of the face, which truly is your money maker. Plus, you're saving time at the salon, and you're not damaging your entire head of hair to get this beautiful look.

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